Montag, Mai 19, 2008

Bow Valley Parkway

May I introduce you? This is Big Agnes, the mother of comfort, a spacious 4-person tent, that I plan on spending lots of time with this summer. This last weekend, she was unleashed on a cycling trip with Vik and Kurt to the Bow Valley Parkway in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. I almost forgot: but definitely among the top 3 things in Calgary (besides the blue sky) is the vicinity to the Rocky Mountains. I will remember this this summer and get out to the mountains, as much as I can.

Welcome to the Mother of Comfort. Happy Annie enjoying the spaciousness of the new outdoor palace. I am pretty impressed with the view, that Big Agnes offers. Almost 360 degrees. Better than any wide screen TV.

What's even better is that Vik offered to carry all the group camping gear, including Big Agnes - and there is a reason why there is a "big" in Big Agnes. Kurt and I felt very pampered, as we only had to carry our own personal stuff.

And for the first time in my life, Vik didn't turn into a black little dot on the horizon on the uphill parts, but we were traveling almost at the same speed. Sweet! So in case you cycle with people that are way faster than you: just give them an additional 200 lbs to carry and you might end up in the same league.

The Big Dummy fully loaded.

We are laughing! An empty campground at Castle Mountain Junction. Just us, the trees, the creek, the full moon and a few chipmunks.

Kurt cruising along

Big Dummy - Here I come!

Kurt and Vik's final descent into Lake Louise.

Light-Weight-Tourer Annie

Boreal Annie

When we rolled into Lake Louise, a little bit of afternoon rain surprised us (luckily while we were at the bakery), so we had to carry out Plan B and Plan C. Plan B was a visit to the restaurant at the youth hostel.

Plan C was a drink and a mid afternoon snack at the Station in Lake Louise. Halibut with salad and a corona on the porch. Highly recommended, if you are in the area and crave some luxury, history, scenic views, trains and good food.


Jerome hat gesagt…

Great ride report! Looks like you all had a great time. Thanks for sharing.


Vik hat gesagt…

Anna is best person I know at having so much fun it must be slightly illegal!..=-)